Mother's Day Promo 婆婆妈妈母亲节特备套餐
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  • Promotion period : 9th May - 31st May
  • Only available on Saturday & Sunday during lunch hours (11am to 1pm)
  • Confinement Meal designed by Nutritionist & Dietitian
  • All sets must be delivered together
  • Payment must be made at 12pm before the delivery date


- 杏汁莲子炖花胶                   - 木瓜炖雪燕               - 桃胶炖雪梨                         - 香烤挪威三文鱼
- 田园西兰花                         - 香蒜橄榄油意粉         - 黑豆黑芝麻紫米核桃糊        - 红枣党参桂圆茶

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